Hardest Military Training in the World (2023)

Hardest Military Training in the World – Do you know that there are some military forces in the world that their training is tougher and harder than the one you know or heard of?

Yes, you might have seen your own country military training, and you’d be like “Oh my God, this training is hard”. But what you don’t know is that the one of other countries is more toxic.

Hardest Military Training in the World (1)

So, you have to know that Military training is an intense business that has to do with courage, precision, and discipline because all these attributes will certainly be called upon in the midst of battle.

However, in this post, you will see the list of some military forces with the hardest training exercise you can never imagine.

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Below is a random listing of the military force with the hardest military training in the world and what makes their training termed to be hard.

1. Belarus Red Berets

Belarus is popularly known as the ‘last European dictatorship’. The country still bears vestiges of the Soviet period. Belarus is militaristic and as it shares a border with Russia, it is strongly influenced by that country. Belarus military is widely controlled by the Belarus Ministry of Interior. The soldiers of Belarus armed forces partake in very hard military training to get to the Red Beret rank.

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At the Belarus Red Berets, all the trainees will do a particular exercise called “testing balance” and, this testing balancing is that they will be WALKING OVER fires.

You see, walking over a fire makes the Belarus Red Beret training one of the hardest military training.

2. People’s Liberation Army of China

China’s People’s Liberation Army has the largest military service in the world, with over 2 million military personnel serving in the air, land and sea.

The toughest and also most risky training that one can get while at the People’s Liberation Army of China military training ground is jumping through rings of fire.

So, if you are planning to join this force, just know that you’ll have to jump through rings of fire in order to be considered fit for the force.

3. U.S. Marines

The United State Marine Corps have one of the most difficult and time-consuming training in the world. It is tough and lasts for three months. Those who are new to the Marine corps partake in four initial pieces of training. They learn how to swim, shot rifle and survive physically.

For anyone to join the U.S. Marines, the person must drink cobra Bloodas part of their recruitment training.

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4. Israeli Defense Forces Military training

Israel has a great level of educated citizens, which has resulted in a well-trained and organised army. The Israeli army is currently the most technologically advanced in the world.

In Israel, one of the hardest military training exercises you must undergo is jumping from skyscrapers and rappelling down the side.

5. Russian Special Forces

At the Russian Special Forces training ground, candidates will have to take a shot at the chest.

6. Taiwan Marines

If you are interested in joining the Taiwan Marines, just know that you’ll crawl along a path with jagged corals and rocks during the training.

7. U.S. Navy SEALs

Training: Drown proofing Training)

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8. Dutch Royal Guard of Honor

At the Dutch Royal Guard of Honor, all the trainees will do a particular exercise, and that will be Riding horses through thick plumes of smoke.

9. South Korean and Chinese soldiers

To be considered fit to be a South Korean and Chinese soldier, trainees must pass through the test of Breaking slabs of concrete with their heads.

10. People’s Liberation Army of China

Training: “Hot Potato” game with a real grenade

11.Russian Alpha Group Spetsnaz

Hardest Military Training in the World (11)

If you’re trying to find out which test on the list is the most difficult, Russia comes out on top (and honestly, are you genuinely shocked?). Applicants for Alpha Group Spetsnaz training, Russia’s special forces organisation, must pass the world’s most difficult military fitness test:

  • 3000m run in 10:30 minutes or less
  • 100m run in under 12.7 seconds
  • 10 x 10m suicides in under 25 seconds
  • 25 pull-ups or more
  • 90 push-ups in 2 minutes
  • 90 sit-ups in 2 minutes
  • A minimum of 30 dips with no break
  • 10 reps of bodyweight on the bench press
  • Hand-to-hand combat, 3 x 3-minute rounds against a typically larger opponent. If they act defensively or lose the fight, they fail.

12. Israeli Sayeret Matkal

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The Israeli Defense Forces’ Sayeret Matkal unit is a special forces unit. They are known for their secrecy and have been taught to battle in a variety of places and scenarios. Applicants must pass the following physical test to be eligible for the advanced training course:

  • 3km run in under 14 minutes
  • 3 squats with a 60kg barbell (but at least 11 is considered a good score)
  • Suicide runs in a 15kg weighted vest in under 14 seconds
  • 60kg bench press for 3 reps (with a minimum of 12 considered an average score)
  • 3 pull-ups in a 15kg weighted vest (again, 12 is considered a more adequate score).

13. Indian Army Para Special Forces

Hardest Military Training in the World (13)

The Indian Army’s Para SF training is recognised as one of the most difficult in the world, with 90% of recruits neglecting the 3-month course. Applicants must first pass the following physical test in order to be considered for the selection course:

  • 5000m run in 20 minutes or less
  • 14 strict chin-ups in a row
  • 40 push-ups in 1 minute
  • 80 situps in 2 minutes
  • A shuttle run, similar to the beep test, is a pass-fail test.

UK Special Air Services

Hardest Military Training in the World (14)

The SAS of the United Kingdom is the world’s oldest and most well-known Special Forces regiment. Other countries, including Australia, have attempted to replicate their training techniques, and the selection procedure is regarded as one of the most challenging in the world.

Why is military training so hard?

Here are some of the answers:

  • One of the most significant advantages of military training is that it contributes in building confidence. It has been observed that constant training assists in the improvement of military personnel’s willpower. They can observe how far they’ve progressed and strengthened since the training session. It also helps them to survive in tough situation, such as a terrorist attack or a battlefield. They can face any combat with confidence and not worry about losing their lives.
  • Military training helps people stay in shape and promotes good posture. When people go through military training, they study the techniques needed to handle weapons. There is a lot more to firing than just learning how to shoot, and this includes practicing moves and fire drills or training in different conditions.
  • When military personnel receives proper training, it can improve their endurance and stamina. He must consume a well-balanced meal on training days. This aids in the maintenance of a healthy posture. If you want to join the army, you need to have a good physique, and military training can help you improve your physique by boosting your body’s strength.

What does “military training” mean?

1. Educating soldiers to improve their ability to carry out specified military activities and duties.

2. The exercise of one or more combat forces performed to maximize their military readiness.

What can I do to survive military training?

  • Run quickly. The boot camp will be easier if you are in good physical shape. Before you go, be in good shape.
  • Bring your A-game. Get up and do it. It might be the best period of your life. Don’t convey any emotion; it’s a job. Do not be a coward.
  • Assess your attitude. Drill sergeants and trainers encourage you to learn because it could one day save your life.
  • Watch out for your wingman. It’s important to look out for your neighbor. Do not forget that boot camp is a competitive sport.
  • Utilize your benefits. A free clinician is available to you. Visit the sick call line if you are injured or ill.

Why is military training very important?

The primary objective of military training is to make sure that military forces will be able to achieve tactical, logistical, and technical goals when the country enters conflict or engages in battles or military activities.

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Which country has the hardest military training? ›

Here is a list of the six toughest SAS and special forces fitness tests in the world.
  • Russian Alpha Group Spetsnaz. ...
  • Israeli Sayeret Matkal. ...
  • Indian Army Para Special Forces. ...
  • US Army Delta Force. ...
  • UK Special Air Services. ...
  • Australian Commandos.

What is the most elite unit in the military? ›

Say it again: American Special Operations Forces. There's a lot that's not known about this group and that's intentional. But everyone knows that these forces are among the most elite and best trained in the world.

What branch of military is hardest? ›

1. Air Force. It is regarded as the hardest branch of the military to get into among the 5 main US military branches. It not only requires being physically fit but also mentally sharp.

What military has the toughest soldiers? ›

The US Marine Corps (USMC) is one of the most selective organizations of the US Armed Forces. Basic training is also more intensive than other military branches, involving rigorous mental and physical exercise. As a result, the Marines are considered some of the toughest and most highly trained service members.

Which military has the harshest training? ›

There's a great argument that the Marine Corps has the hardest military training of anyone, and here's why. Of course, when you reach the top, you can find them becoming SEALs or a part of the Marine Raider Regiment (MRR), but the training of any Marine is some of the hardest military training in the world.

What is the most trained military branch? ›

SEAL Team 6, officially known as United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), and Delta Force, officially known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), are the most highly trained elite forces in the US military.

How much do SEAL Team 6 members get paid? ›

Pay Charts
6 more rows

Who is the baddest Navy SEAL? ›

David Goggins
Service/branchUnited States Air Force United States Navy
Years of service1994–1999 (USAF) 2001–2015 (USN)
RankChief Petty Officer
UnitUnited States Navy SEALs SEAL Team 5 SDV Team 1
12 more rows

Has a Navy SEAL ever been captured? ›

The SEAL Legacy has been developed and fostered for the more than 50-year history of the United States Navy SEAL Teams. NO SEAL has ever been captured and NO SEAL has ever been left behind on the field of battle, dead or alive.

Is Navy SEALs harder than Marines? ›

Although the Marines are highly respected and considered one of the most elite fighting forces, the Navy SEALs training is far more rigorous and demanding than that of the Marines.

Which boot camp is the hardest? ›

Marine boot camp is extremely challenging -- both physically and mentally -- and considered to be tougher than the basic training programs of any of the other military services.

Is the Marines harder than the Navy? ›

Marine boot camp training is more challenging - both mentally and physically - than the basic training programs of any of the other military services. At 13 weeks, it is also longer than the Army's 10 weeks or the Navy's 9 weeks.

What is Delta Force called now? ›

SFOD-Delta has been through a few name changes over the years, and even though it likely always will be known as SFOD-Delta, it recently was renamed the Combat Applications Group (CAG) and is now known officially as Army Compartmented Elements (ACE).

Which is better Army or Marines? ›

Army vs Marines? The Army wins by a long shot when it comes to varying professional opportunities, both full- and part-time but the Marines are still a viable option for someone looking for part-time service. The Marine Reserve Forces have approximately 38,500 personnel in it.

What are the elite Marines called? ›

First, the Marine Corps has two primary special operations forces: The Marine Raiders and the Force RECON units. As part of the Special Operations Command, the Marine Raiders run small lethal teams to eliminate targets.

Which military training is the longest? ›

The Marine Corps has the longest basic training -- 12 weeks, not including four days of in-processing time.

Where is the hardest Army basic training? ›

Fort Benning, GA conducts Advanced Individual Training for the Army Infantry, which makes many think it also has the toughest Basic Training program.

Are Navy SEALs or Green Berets better? ›

The training is arguably harder for Navy SEALs, yet that is not to suggest that Army Special Forces training is some sort of cakewalk (far from it!). Regardless, Green Berets are considered more elite and advanced compared to their Army counterpart – Rangers.

What rank is a Navy SEAL? ›

The majority of Navy SEALs (about 2,000) are Navy Enlisted personnel (E-4 to E-9). They are led by roughly 500 SEAL Officers (O-1 to O-10). There is also a small number of SEAL Warrant Officers (circa 30) who rank as officers above the senior-most Enlisted but lower than an Officer (O-1).

What is the most badass military branch in the US? ›

SEAL Team 6, officially known as United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), and Delta Force, officially known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), are the most highly trained elite forces in the US military.

Do Navy SEALs get paid for life? ›

Do retired Navy Seals get paid? After 20 years of service, Navy SEALS are eligible for 50% of their average base salary for retirement. For each year spent in service between 20 and 30 years, the percentage increases by 2.5% resulting in a 75% benefit for those members completing 30 years of service.

What age do Navy SEALs retire? ›

Drill pay (SELRES) members who have completed 15 or more years of qualifying service and are no longer physically qualified for Navy service also are eligible to receive retired pay at age 60. Note: If otherwise eligible, members may remain in an active status until age 62.

How much do Navy SEAL snipers get paid? ›

Salary Ranges for Navy Seals

The salaries of Navy Seals in the US range from $15,929 to $424,998 , with a median salary of $76,394 . The middle 57% of Navy Seals makes between $76,394 and $192,310, with the top 86% making $424,998.

Who is the toughest guy alive? ›

David Goggins' military background reads like a case of bad “stolen valor” — the retired Navy SEAL chief is believed to be the only member of the armed forces to complete the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/s) course (including going through Hell Week three times), U.S. Army Ranger School (where he graduated as ...

What is the highest paid Navy SEAL? ›

FAQs About U.S. Navy SEALS
  • What is the highest pay for U.S. Navy SEALS? Our data indicates that the highest pay for an U.S. Navy SEAL is $192k / year.
  • What is the lowest pay for U.S. Navy SEALS? Our data indicates that the lowest pay for an U.S. Navy SEAL is $40k / year.
  • How can U.S. Navy SEALS increase their salary?

What actor was a Navy SEAL? ›

Several famous actors were formerly Navy SEALs. They include: Jesse Ventura (Predator, Running Man, Demolition Man), Rudy Boesch (TV Series 'Survivor'), Scott Helvenston (Man vs. Beast), Richard Machowitz (Future Weapons, Deadliest Warrior), and Cade Courtley (Surviving Disaster, America Unplugged).

Has any girl been a Navy SEAL? ›

According to Navy Capt. Jason Birch, former commanding officer of SEAL Team 10, one woman serves as a Naval Special Warfare operator; three have graduated from the U.S. Army Special Operations Qualifications Course; the first female Green Beret graduated in 2020; and women have served in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

How many Navy SEALs have gone to space? ›

To date, three Navy SEALs have gone on to become astronauts, exchanging Navy uniforms for spacesuits in continued service to their country. William “Bill” Shepherd received a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering from the United States Naval Academy in 1971.

Has a woman gone through SEAL training? ›

For the first time, a female sailor has successfully completed the grueling 37-week training course to become a Naval Special Warfare combatant-craft crewman — the boat operators who transport Navy SEALs and conduct their own classified missions at sea.

What do SEALs get paid? ›

The average U.S. Navy SEAL salary in the United States is $85,249 as of October 27, 2022. The range for our most popular U.S. Navy SEAL positions (listed below) typically falls between $74,749 and $95,749.

What is the most elite marine unit? ›

The Marine Raider Regiment (MRR), formerly known as the Marine Special Operations Regiment (MSOR), is a special operations force of the United States Marine Corps, which is a part of Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC).

Do Navy SEALs use steroids? ›

Senior SEAL officials believe drug use inside the elite unit includes not just human growth hormone but a wide range of substances. It's unclear how many SEALs still may be using PED. But “when we first heard about possible PED usage we went in extremely fast and extremely hard on testing,” the senior officer told CNN.

Is it OK to say Oorah to a Marine? ›

Oorah is a battle cry common in the United States Marine Corps since the mid-20th century. It is comparable to hooah in the US Army and hooyah in the US Navy and US Coast Guard. It is most commonly used to respond to a verbal greeting or as an expression of enthusiasm.

Who has the shortest boot camp? ›

Coast Guard Recruit Training

How long is basic training in the U.S. Coast Guard? USCG Recruit Training, or “forming”, is the shortest of any military branch. All in all, it takes approximately 7.5 weeks to finish Coast Guard boot camp, including in-processing.

What is the easiest bootcamp? ›

Though boot camp / basic training is considered challenging, yet mandatory, for every branch of the military, the easiest among them would most likely be the Air Force.

Why are Marines called Jarheads? ›

The phrase “jarheads” is also a slang phrase used by sailors when referring to Marines. The term first appeared as early as World War II and referred to Marines' appearance wearing their dress blue uniforms. The high collar on the uniform and the Marines' head popping out of the top resembled a Mason Jar.

Who trains the Navy SEALs? ›

Naval Special Warfare Group ONE

NSWG-1 is based in Coronado, CA. It commands, trains, equips and deploys SEAL Teams 1, 3, 5, and 7.

What is the age limit for Delta Force? ›

U.S. citizenship. 20-32 years old. Meet the Army height and weight standards.

Can Navy SEALs go to Delta? ›

Diving further in, SEALs can only be Sailors. You must be a member of the Navy to be a SEAL, but Delta Team pools from many branches. Many U.S. Navy SEALs become a part of Delta Force over time. Both operate very similarly, but where they conduct their operations usually varies.

Is Delta Force higher than Green Berets? ›

Green Berets represent one of the most classified special forces in the military along with 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), or “Delta Force”.
Green Berets vs. Delta Force – Quick Comparison Chart.
Green BeretsDelta Force
Total Size15,000 (estimate)Classified
11 more rows
Mar 11, 2021

Who gets deployed first in war? ›

The Marine Corps is often first on the ground in combat situations.

What do Marines call Army guys? ›

What do Marines call soldiers? Three such words are “gyrenes,” “jarheads,” and “grunts.” Their times of origin and usage differ somewhat, but each has the same role in the Marine Corps culture. They have become a source of pride for all Marines.

Do Marines fight in war? ›

Driven by an innate desire to answer our Nation's call, an unwavering commitment to emerge victorious, and a collective purpose that defines our unbreakable bond, Marines win the battles in front of them with an inner fight running through them.

What do Marines call snipers? ›

The term "Scout Sniper" is only used officially by the Marine Corps, but it does not imply a differing mission from the U.S. Army Sniper. An Army Sniper's primary mission is to support combat operations by delivering precise long-range fire on selected targets.

Can a Marine be a seal? ›

No, a Marine can not become a Navy SEAL.

Active duty Marines are not able to become Navy SEALs. For an individual to become a Navy SEAL, they must first be an enlisted member of the Navy.

What are Marine Corps snipers called? ›

Marine Corps: Scout Sniper

The Scout Sniper is a Marine skilled in field craft and marksmanship who delivers long range, precision fire on selected targets from concealed positions in support of combat operations.

Which country gives Army training to everyone? ›

The Swiss have 18 weeks of mandatory military training between ages 18 and 30 for all men. After training, they are liable to be recalled at most six times for a period of 19 days each over the next 10 years.

Is the Navy SEALs the hardest? ›

Navy SEALs are still considered to be one of the toughest special forces units in the world. The Navy SEAL training program is an unmatched test on the mind, body, and spirit and has a very high dropout rate.

Are Delta Force better than SEALs? ›

In the end, there's no real definitive answer to who is tougher between Navy SEALs and Delta Force - they're both badasses in my opinion - and if you favor either one over the other in terms of being tougher, that's pretty much like taking sides in an evenly matched Army vs. Navy football game.

Is Marine Corps boot camp harder than Army? ›

Marine boot camp is extremely challenging -- both physically and mentally -- and considered to be tougher than the basic training programs of any of the other military services.

Where are the 5 military academies? ›

The Five Official U.S. Military Academies
  • U.S. Military Academy (Army), West Point, New York.
  • U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.
  • U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York.
  • U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut.

Which country is army free? ›

Countries Without a Military 2023
NiueDefense is the responsibility of New Zealand
PalauNo military formed at founding. Defense is the responsibility of United States until at least 2044
PanamaMilitary dissolved in 1990, abolished in 1994 constitution. Has limited paramiltary special units.
33 more rows

What countries have no army? ›

The other countries that have neither an army nor a military force are Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic),Grenada, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Solomon Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, St. Lucia and Tuvalu.

What is the most trained soldiers in the world? ›

Special operations forces are the most highly disciplined, mission-capable, and formidable units in the world. They go through rigorous selection processes and training in order to conduct unconventional warfare tasks that are beyond the means of standard military forces.

Who is tougher Marines or SEALs? ›

Although the Marines are highly respected and considered one of the most elite fighting forces, the Navy SEALs training is far more rigorous and demanding than that of the Marines.

What rank would a Navy SEAL be? ›

The majority of Navy SEALs (about 2,000) are Navy Enlisted personnel (E-4 to E-9). They are led by roughly 500 SEAL Officers (O-1 to O-10). There is also a small number of SEAL Warrant Officers (circa 30) who rank as officers above the senior-most Enlisted but lower than an Officer (O-1).

Who is the toughest man alive? ›

David Goggins' military background reads like a case of bad “stolen valor” — the retired Navy SEAL chief is believed to be the only member of the armed forces to complete the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/s) course (including going through Hell Week three times), U.S. Army Ranger School (where he graduated as ...

Who is the most famous Delta Force Operator? ›

Thomas Patrick Payne (born April 2, 1984) is a United States Army Delta Force sergeant major and instructor, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during a hostage rescue mission in an area of northern Iraq controlled by the Islamic State.


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