Crowne Irish Pub Bar Rescue Update (The Forge) - Still Open in 2023? (2023)

Is The Crowne Irish Pub still open in 2023?

Status: >> CLOSED <<
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Season: 8 | View All Season 8 Episodes
Original Episode Air Date: May 29, 2022
The Bar's Original Name Was: The Forge Irish Pub
The Crowne Irish Pub Address: 109 W Bloomingdale Ave, Brandon, FL 33511

Crowne Irish Pub Bar Rescue Update (The Forge) - Still Open in 2023? (1)

Episode Recap

The Forge, later renamed to Crowne Irish Pub, was a Tampa / Brandon, Florida bar that was featured on Season 8 of Bar Rescue.

Though the The Forge Bar Rescue episode aired in May 2022, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place a few months before that in March 2022.

It was Season 8 Episode 22 and the episode name was “Till Failure Do You Part”.

In this episode, Jon Taffer visits The Forge Irish Pub in Brandon, FL.

Brandon has a population of a little over 100,000 people and is located just outside Tampa, FL, which is where Jon Taffer visited a few different bars in the second half of Season 8.

The bar is owned by Patrick Crowne, who opened the bar in 2019 with his then-wife Mariely Crowne just before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Crowne Irish Pub Bar Rescue Update (The Forge) - Still Open in 2023? (2)

Patrick had experience as a bartender in New York City and Mariely also had experience in the hospitality industry as a waitress.

Patrick said that he got butterflies as soon as he entered the bar as he knew it was the right place for his business.

Things started off amazing. In the first year, it brought in over $1 million sales, which are great numbers for a bar.

Everything was great until the Covid-19 pandemic, which happened about a year after they opened.

Health restrictions and people’s wariness of going to bars hurt the business and it’s never really recovered.

In 2020, Patrick Crowne lost $600,000, which is just absolutely massive. It’s easy to see why The Forge Bar Rescue episode exists.

This financial pressure caused a lot of issues for Patrick, understandably.

Crowne Irish Pub Bar Rescue Update (The Forge) - Still Open in 2023? (3)

He had issues with depression and alcohol during this low period, which ended with him divorcing his wife, Mariely. The divorce was filed in November 2021 – you can see the legal page here.

Despite the divorce, Patrick and Mariely are still business partners and you see both of them in the Forge Bar Rescue episode.

Obviously, this causes some tension between the two of them while trying to work together.

The staff recognizes this tension and it makes it awkward for them to do their jobs.

They also fight inside the bar, which has caused some customers to leave, too.

(Video) The Forge (Sneak Peek) | Bar Rescue

Things are so bad that the bar literally has a month to live if Jon Taffer and his crew can’t turn things around.

As part of the rescue, Jon Taffer renamed the bar from The Forge Irish Pub to The Crowne Irish Pub, which is obviously named after Patrick.

Crowne Irish Pub Bar Rescue Update (The Forge) - Still Open in 2023? (4)

While Jon Taffer kept the Irish theme, he made it much nicer and redid the interior.

So was The Forge Bar Rescue visit a success? Keep reading our update to learn how the bar is doing in 2023.

The Crowne Irish Pub Update - What Happened Next?

Now that we’ve recapped the Crowne Irish Pub Bar Rescue episode, let’s talk about what happened to the bar after Jon Taffer and his crew left Brandon, FL.

First off, if you want some interesting back story, a local radio station actually did an interview with Patrick Crowne, the Crowne Irish Pub owner, about his experience on Bar Rescue.

The interview has a lot of juicy nuggets.

For example Patrick’s bar was originally scouted by the production crew back in August 2021, before eventually being visited in March 2020.

He said the Bar Rescue producers actually scouted his bar – he didn’t reach out to them.

He called it a “blessing in disguise”, so he seems to be happy that they did.

He also seems very happy with the renovations and rebranding.

Additionally, he said that the renovations cost the Bar Rescue producers around $50,000-$70,000.

Bar Rescue owners never have to pay for the renovations, so this means that Patrick basically got all those renovations for free.

Patrick actually said that he thought that Bar Rescue was fake when he was just a viewer.

But actually going through a rescue, it changed his mind and he called it “unbelievable”.

If you want to see the full interview, you can check out the video below – the segment starts at around the 3:15:00 mark and the actual interview starts at around the 3:17:00 mark.

With that back story out of the way, let’s talk about the actual business at the bar after the Crowne Bar Rescue visit.

Is The Crowne Irish Pub from Bar Rescue still open?

The Crowne Irish Pub closed on July 17, 2022, which was around four months after Jon Taffer’s visit and just two months after the episode aired on TV.

In announcing the closure, Patrick posted the following the following message on the bar’s Facebook page:

To all the amazing guests at the Crowne Irish pub, formerly the Forge, past and present.

It has been an experience of a lifetime to be a member of the community and serve you all.

Unfortunately, due to a series of events, not really worth getting into, our doors will close for the last this Sunday night.

The concept of the bar was to bring a neighborhood atmosphere, music, food, and a drink or two.

A place where you could relax, unwind, and feel safe.

With that being said from the bottom of my heart thank you all again for supporting small businesses, employees current and past, musicians and vendors I couldn’t have done it without you.

(Video) The Forge's Transformation 👑 Bar Rescue

I was hoping for more time for my employees’ sake, so before any Facebook warriors complain we have lined them up with jobs.

Blessed to have such a great network of small business owners who all have each other’s backs.

Slainte (cheers), Patrick

The Facebook post about the closure has lots of sad responses from musicians and customers, so it seems like a lot of people will be sad to see The Crowne Irish Pub disappear.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a screenshot and the Crowne Irish Pub Facebook page is now deleted so you can’t see the actual post.

It is nice that Patrick was able to find his employees new jobs – that’s a cool thing to do.

The old The Forge Brandon FL location has been listed for rent on Loopnet since The Forge closed – you can see the listing page here.

When I know what happens to The Crowne Brandon FL location, I will update this post with details for the new business.

For now, it seems like it’s still vacant.

Here’s an embed from Google Maps street view, in case anything changes:

The Crowne Irish Pub Before Its Closure

Before its closure in July 2022, the bar actually seemed to be doing alright.

Patrick said that his customers loved the bar after the renovations because it felt more like a true Irish pub.

He also said that “business is slowly picking up” (as of April 5 2022).

The bar had also started being more active on social media and regularly posted events and specials.

Here’s a sampling of what they offered before the closure:

  • Live music on Fridays and Saturdays, with occasional Thursday night shows
  • Drink specials during games for local sports teams

The bar also hosted a watch party for the Crowne Bar Rescue episode.

However, reviews for The Crowne Irish Pub Brandon, FL seemed a bit mixed, which might explain why it closed.

The bar had just a 3.6 star rating on Google Reviews and a 3.5 star.

The Yelp page still included reviews from when it was The Forge Irish Pub, but the Google Reviews were all for the new branding.

The Crowne Irish Pub Reviews After Bar Rescue

Here’s a sampling of reviews that were written after the Forge Bar Rescue episode aired on TV.

4 star Yelp review from March 2022:

It’s no longer the Forge, it’s Crowne.

They’ve gone through changes after Bar Rescue.

There were 12 of us from a Foodies group, with prior reservations but Mariely Crowne never told me what was going on (after I confirmed with her 12 of us were coming) apparently she left them high and dry.

They had no idea we were coming! So unfair.

Regardless, the food was good and the mushroom appetizer was delish!

Our waiter worked very hard for us.

(Video) Woman Removes Painting Varnish, Uncovers Husband's 50 Year Old Secret

I would give them a couple months to get things ironed out and more staff on hand.

They are short handed. If a larger party goes in, you won’t be served all at the same time.

It was no big deal for us, we understand the situation they got dumped in their lap.

My Rueben was fantastic! The fish was good, what you expect at a bar. Burgers good.

5 star Google review from May 2022:

I came in today and drank a Guinness poured perfectly.

The staff is very friendly.

I am looking forward to coming back, especially for the food, and potentially music on Friday/Saturday and maybe Trivia on Thursdays.

5 star Google review from April 2022:

Visited The Crowne Irish Pub on 20 April and can not say enough about how pleased I am with this Pub.

There were 5 of us and we wanted to get a good idea about the Pub since their relaunch.

We each ordered different menu items and tried a couple of different cocktails.

All of the cocktails were well balanced and good.

We ordered 2 of their specialty cocktails (Michael’s Forge and The Dublin Mule (I think)).

Both were good and well balanced.

1 star Google review from May 2022:

Owner not friendly.

Bartender sneezes on stack of clean glasses and never washed his hands.

Hamburger patty is exactly the same size as a regular McDonald’s patty but costs way more.

Did they learn nothing from Bar Rescue??

1 star Google review from May 2022:

I don’t get the hype about this place.

Went there a couple times when it was The Forge and the only good thing was the music.

Tried again after the big revamp and WTH, like 5 things on the menu and horrific service.

Unfortunately one and done for us.

1 star Google review from April 2022:

Just horrific food and service.

(Video) Jon vs. WORST Irish Pubs ☘️ Bar Rescue

They can pour a beer from the tap, I’ll give them that.

But the food is beyond bad.

Bland, overcooked, no unique flavoring.

Overpriced for what it is.

Name change on the door can’t change the fact the food is just not good.

And sometimes takes forever to come out of the kitchen, even when noone is there.

What happened to Mariely after the Crowne Bar Rescue episode?

As far as I can tell, Mariely Crowne is working as a realtor for the Tampa Bay area with Re/Max Bayside.

She has her own profile on and an active Facebook page.

She’s also working as a marketing coordinator at a local branding agency since March 2022 (which is when the Bar Rescue visit happened).

Mariely posted a video on her personal Facebook page around the time that the Crowne episode aired on TV about her experience.

She said that she only agreed to be on film because the Bar Rescue producers would not film the show unless she was there.

She wanted the bar to succeed because she’s part owner (and Patrick is still the father of her daughters), so she agreed to be in the show.

Mariely says the producers agreed with her that they would not discuss the divorce…which obviously didn’t happen because the divorce is in the episode name!

She said that they did all of their interviews separately, so she was very disappointed to see what Patrick said in his Bar Rescue interviews.

Overall, it’s good to remember that these are real people in the episode and the producers always want to manipulate things for as much drama as possible…even if it has negative effects on those people.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Patrick, the owned, seemed happy with his experience on Bar Rescue.

While things seemed to start off well for the bar with an increase in business, it eventually closed just a few months after the Forge Bar Rescue episode aired on TV.

Jon Taffer visited several Tampa area bars in the second half of Bar Rescue Season 8.

If you want to see those other Tampa Bar Rescue episodes, you can find the updates for them below:

  • JF Kicks / Jimmy’s update
  • The Loft / Cerealholic Cafe update
  • Jerry’s Dockside Bar / AJ’s on the River update

I also have a page that lists all 26+ Florida Bar Rescue episodes, along with their current statuses.

Thanks for reading!

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Who pays for Bar Rescue renovations? ›

Do you cover the cost of the renovations and upgrades or do the bar owners have to pay some of it back? My sponsors and I pay for everything. The owner doesn't pay one dime. We even leave them with food & beverage inventory, along with plates, silverware, glassware, and everything they need.

What is the most successful bar from Bar Rescue? ›

Taffer's Tavern is the product of Jon Taffer, hospitality expert, entrepreneur, best-selling author, star, and Executive Producer of Paramount Network's Bar Rescue. Taffer's is the quintessential pub, a place to meet old friends while making new ones.

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Like a previous rescue, O'Face Bar, Jon found the staff fighting each other and management unwilling to step in. Jon refused to rescue O'Face, but something about Mollie Malone's made him stay. According to Reality TV Revisited, the bar is still open but has experienced negative reviews.

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Humbly dubbed Taffer's Tavern, the “quintessential neighborhood pub,” will operate out of the old Penn Commons space on Sixth St. NW next to Capital One Arena. The D.C. spot, Taffer's third full-service franchise location, is designed with traditional “Old-World taverns in mind …

Does John Taffer take a percentage? ›

The percentage is 2% to 5% and lasts for a couple of years depending on the contract negotiated and the amount of planned renovations being done. However, that percentage goes to the show itself as part of its profits.

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Is Bar Rescue scripted or fake? ›

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How much does John Taffer make? ›

What is Jon Taffer's net worth and salary? Jon Taffer is an American restaurateur and businessman who has a net worth of $14 million dollars. Credited for creating the concept of the NFL Sunday Ticket, Jon Taffer is also well known for his role as the host of Paramount's Bar Rescue.

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Where does Phil Wills work? ›

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When did Bar Rescue end? ›

"We shut down March 13, 2020 — abruptly — with seven episodes to go last season, which we never did," Taffer, 66, tells PEOPLE.

Has Jon Taffer ever got into a fight on Bar Rescue? ›

This is the first physical altercation I've ever been in,” says Taffer, who got in Benari's face after the bar owner insulted Brian Duffy, “Bar Rescue's” consulting chef for the episode. “I've never been hit, or hit anyone in my life.

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What is Jon Taffer's favorite cocktail? ›

Taffer, who has spent many years serving patrons drinks and helping struggling bars find success, is no stranger to cocktails. As for his favorite cocktail, that's obviously: The Godfather.

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A tavern is typically a more upscale type of bar that also serves food. Taverns often have a more sophisticated atmosphere, and they may offer a wider selection of beers, wines, and spirits. Taverns are also usually more expensive than bars.

How many businesses does Taffer own? ›

He has owned 17 different hospitality businesses, founded consulting firm Taffer Dynamics, and even helped create the NFL's “Sunday Ticket.” As an expert in managing people, Taffer says he doesn't look for the candidates with the most impressive resumes when he's selecting new staff.

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Host & Executive Producer of @barrescuetv. New York Times Best-Selling Author. Founder of @TaffersTavern.

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Does Jon Taffer have a daughter? ›

Did the pirate bar from Bar Rescue closed? ›

Piratz was revisited as part of the Back to the Bar episode, where Taffer graded the bar an "epic fail"; the owner wanted to seek a second rescue. Within a week of the episode's airing, however, Piratz decided to close its doors for good.

What is replacing the barcode? ›

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What is the new barcode thing called? ›

What are QR codes? A QR code is a type of barcode that can be read easily by a digital device and which stores information as a series of pixels in a square-shaped grid.

What businesses does Jon Taffer own? ›

Concurrently, Jon runs Taffer Dynamics, his business operations firm which offers dynamic models for a range of well-known establishments and brands, including the NFL, Anheuser-Busch, Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Fridays, Buffalo Wild Wings, Famous Dave's Barbecue, and ...

Who owns Taffer's Tavern? ›

Jon Taffer, founder and CEO of Taffer's Tavern, says his restaurant concept's kitchens only need two or three cooks, a 50 to 60 percent reduction in labor from a typical casual dining kitchen.

Does Jon Taffer have a kid? ›

How many bars from Bar Rescue have closed permanently? ›

90 bars are currently still open, 65 are closed.

When did Bar Rescue stop? ›

"We shut down March 13, 2020 — abruptly — with seven episodes to go last season, which we never did," Taffer, 66, tells PEOPLE. "They can put you in a hiatus but after a certain period of time, the hiatus has to end and you have to go to the next season."

Why do they wear the same clothes on Bar Rescue? ›

"My reaction shots were totally shot out of sequence," explained Flore. "That's why they had me wear the same shirt for three days. They show me talking to someone, and then I can tell that the reaction shot they show was filmed on an entirely different day."

How many times did Jon Taffer walk out? ›

Four Times Jon Taffer Walked Out | Bar Rescue.

Does Jon Taffer own a bar? ›

Humbly dubbed Taffer's Tavern, the “quintessential neighborhood pub,” will operate out of the old Penn Commons space on Sixth St. NW next to Capital One Arena. The D.C. spot, Taffer's third full-service franchise location, is designed with traditional “Old-World taverns in mind …

Is the Pirates Tavern still open? ›

There's part of me that's very proud of being the anti-hero of 'Bar Rescue,' " Rebelo said. Piratz Tavern closed in April 2015. Rebelo said social media and Spike TV reruns played a deciding factor. "There was a whole new group of people coming in who basically used their phones to find out where they want to go.

What happened to the corporate bar from Bar Rescue? ›

Piratz Tavern closed in April 2015. They blamed the closure on the negative backlash from appearing on Bar Rescue that led to vandalism and prank calls at the bar. They also blamed constant repeats of the episode and their lease was not renewed.

Did Bar Rescue ever go to Minnesota? ›

The 4 Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa Bars Featured on 'Bar Rescue' The popular TV show 'Bar Rescue' has been on for 8 seasons now, since 2011, and in that time only 4 Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa bars have been on the show. One of those was a bar in Minnesota, one in Iowa, and two in Wisconsin.

Does John Taffer get a percentage of the bars he rescues? ›

The percentage is 2% to 5% and lasts for a couple of years depending on the contract negotiated and the amount of planned renovations being done. However, that percentage goes to the show itself as part of its profits.

Is The End still open in Las Vegas? ›

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